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Yvette Ruiz is an executive-level project manager with an exceptional track record in leading complex initiatives to successful completion in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Visionary thinking, aggressive timelines, ambitious goals, and cross-functional team members from multiple organizations describe the projects where Yvette’s expertise is most beneficial. Yvette specializes in working with executive leaders to translate their strategic vision into workable tactics, and managing those programs through implementation and rollout.
Filling the Gap From Innovative Vision to Achievable Tactics
Distinguishing Yvette from run-of-the-mill project managers are her outstanding communication skills, a robust and adaptable toolset, and a unique combination of high energy with a direct yet approachable personal style. She not only consistently directs efforts from start to finish with efficiency and effectiveness, but also takes on as-needed roles when appropriate and necessary to augment team productivity. Whether at a five-person think tank, a start-up, a government agency or a Fortune 500 company, Yvette proves to be comfortable and capable of working with all levels of organizations.

Currently, Yvette owns and operates YMR Management Solutions, an extraordinary alliance of senior project management specialists. With more than 20 years of consulting experience, Yvette continually seeks new challenges to implement non-mainstream ideas in untested waters, and is particularly interested in programs with missions of social benefit through cross-sector collaborations.
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Yvette Ruiz
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Minneapolis, MN