One of Yvette Ruiz’s long-time clients describes her as “the nicest pit bull you’ll ever meet.” Another client calls her the “human glue” that creates and maintains team synergies. Yet another refers to her as the project “lightning rod.” All of Yvette’s clients agree she gets the job done.

Executive leaders and those who’ve invested in a program can’t always be involved in project minutiae. They rely on Yvette to serve as their proxy, and to provide day-to-day leadership on their behalf.


Expert Project Management. Superior Team Leadership.

Plan the Work. Work the Plan. Manage the Unplanned.

Upon initiation of a project, Yvette is quick to assimilate the visionary’s goals, and translate the plethora of ideas to an organized set of tasks and deliverables. She obtains a thorough and integrated understanding of priorities, timelines, participants’ abilities, risks and constraints – all necessary ingredients to formulate an effective project plan. Using a collaborative style, yet with authority, she partners with team members to ensure they understand and buy in to their roles and responsibilities. Resulting from this complete start-up approach are clear expectations and an achievable tactical plan.


Once a project is underway, Yvette’s guiding principles are effectiveness and efficiency. Quantified progress tracking, comprehensive and regular communications, judicious status reporting, and timely identification and resolution of issues are Yvette’s standard methods to keep project agendas on track. But Yvette’s management role is far more than administrative. She couples disciplined process with her exceptional interpersonal skills to create a productive, motivated and comfortable team dynamic. Yvette ensures the project participants remain results-oriented; she makes the most out of utilizing subject matter experts who often have limited availability. And even when all is going according to plan, she continually seeks opportunities to save time and money.


Creative, composed, proactive and realistic describe Yvette’s modus operandi when project obstacles arise. She promptly recognizes potential risk areas by diligently monitoring the critical path, and measuring actual progress against planned. As soon as problems arise, new learnings emerge, or adjustments become necessary, Yvette brings in the appropriate resources and decision makers to develop proper solutions. Yvette navigates through the inevitable unplanned events with minimal disruption, keeping the project effort aligned toward the ultimate goals.
Yvette has successfully implemented projects within the private and public sectors, involving both profit-driven and mission-driven concerns. Prior to founding YMR Management Solutions in 1993, Yvette was an intern at IBM and consulted with Accenture for six years. She holds a B.S. degree with Honors in Computer Science and a Concentration in Business from the University of Iowa, where she graduated summa cum laude.
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Yvette Ruiz
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